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About Me

I have been watching oval racing for many years and 2013 marks my 26th year. I have been attending meetings for more than 26 years but my first clear recollection of a meeting was in 1987 to be more precise it was the F1 World Final meeting at the old Belle Vue Stadium. The meeting was the first world final that 53 John Lund won.

Over the past 5 years I have been photographing at most meetings I have attended and for the past 3 years I have held an ORCi licence and photographed from the infield and became one of Buxton’s track photographers in 2011. My photos regularly feature in Stock Car Magazine, Stoxworld, Unloaded 7.3 and Wasted magazine.

 My other contribution to oval motorsport is I am currently entering my 4th  year as the BSCDA (British Stock Car Drivers Association) website coordinator I update the site on a weekly basis at the very least between March and November.